FaceBox is a decentralized playground inspired by Mobox that helps people gain earnings both “in” the game and “off” the game.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) & Social-to-Earn (S2E) are the core concepts of the entire ecosystem. Good gamer or not, users can earn by either playing the game or just sharing it. On top of that, with perfect integration of the revolutionary NFT 2.0 protocol, FaceBox provides diversified utilization for players in FAFAverse.

FaceBox offers a platform to make money from entertainment, and an opportunity to allow participants to make a living by connecting people.

The World’s First Social GameFi | NFT 2.0


FAFAverse is a cross-platform metaverse that users can enter their favored world over any device. Experiencing diverse activities and enjoy a different life experience by using your own FAFAs.


FAFA is an identity in FaceBox. It is also your gaming asset. Mint your preferred FAFAs to enter the world of FAFAverse.



FAFAs are typically designed and unique indeed. It is a creature construct from cartoons, human figures and meme coin series. Players can use FAFAs to farm, battle and earn.In fact, FAFAverse has huge development potential, any Non-fungible assets can be an element on FAFAverse.



Influencers and partners can mint special NFTs and deploy them in FAFAverse. Original creators are able to gain related benefits.



FAFAverse is an open platform that provides game developers to connect games to the blockchain. FAFAverse has established a perfect ecosystem allowing game developers to access the free-to-play and play-to-earn environment, NFT Marketplaces, FAFA NFT, and other scenarios.



All member can organize their Decentralized Autonomous Guild. Build their own FAFA community, share FAFA resources, increase treasures, experience games and share happiness


FaceBox aims to deliver true value within FAFAverse. A P2E & S2E philosophy makes sure every effort pays off, and every contribution brings real value.

Built on the belief that digital economy is bound to create a better life for everyone, FaceBox is striving to develop the most bustling win-win GameFi world, and to enable players to fulfil their dreams here.

Happily FAFAverse ever after!


FaceBox will cooperate with famous artists and influencers around the world to create an exclusive NFT for them. Players can earn more profits through the unique NFT by yield farming.


Coming Soon

Fbox Coin



FBOX is the mainstream governance token for FaceBox.

Parts of its extensive functions are as followings:

  • To purchase FAFA NFT (Lucrative ROI in conjunction with our mechanism & FAFAhood)
  • The purchased FAFA is stakeble to yield FBOX
  • To purchase FARAbox
  • Stake to earn veFBOX (veFBOX has voting right that gives holders the ability to directly influence FaceBox’s future projects)
  • veFBOX utilized to get higher APY

FBOX has a tremendous potential for appreciation, and the huge demand for in-game interoperability will drive the price of FBOX further up.

FBOX Mining Portal


Staking Vault

Stable Coin / Cake

Staking event is around the corner and it’s a limited-time event. Stable coins and CAKE can be staked in exchange for FOOD, and FOOD can be used to further exchange FOODbox for a chance to get an exclusive FAFA!

stable Coin
Fbox Coin

Staking Vault

Meme Coin

Meme coin can be deposited to get yields too! Instead of leaving meme coins in the wallet, players can opt to stake them with FaceBox! This is a once once-in-a-life-time opportunity, and please stay tuned for more updates from our social medias!

Staking Vault


Please note that there will be no pre-sale nor ICO for FBOX tokens. We believe that a fair launch with stealth mode is the best way to reach the public.

Fair launch - Best strategy that ensures all potential token holders have an equal opportunity to acquire tokens at launch.

Stealth mode- Best way to avoid big whales from manipulating the market

Check out CAKE, MBOX & SHIB pumps and growth rates for the best explanation. Imagine if you were the earliest holder?

Fbox Coin